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Ross Johnston

Master of Law (Financial Services), FFIN, AFPA
Head of Financial Planning and
an authorised representative of
Australian Unity
Financial Planning Limited
(ABN 26 098 725 145)
AFS Licence No. 234459
114 Albert Road,
South Melbourne VIC 3205

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Devenny & Paynne

Ross JohnstonRoss Johnston

Our Principal Financial Planner
Ross Johnston is the Head of Australian Unity Financial Planning. He is also a financial adviser with substantial experience in working with clients to create secure financial futures. Ross specialises in developing strategic financial plans for clients who are:

  • Accumulating wealth
  • Facing redundancy
  • Investing a lump sum
  • About to retire
  • In retirement
  • Selling their business
  • Wishing to reduce their tax liability

Ross's financial advisory expertise includes investments, superannuation, taxation, retirement incomes, Centrelink eligibility, risk insurance and investment gearing.

Ross uses a three-step risk aversion process to minimise his clients' exposure to investment risk - and therefore help his clients attain genuine financial security and investment success. This process includes:

  1. The use of proven 'tipping points' to determine when to start investing more into certain assets... and when to start taking profits

  2. The use of a 'gap analysis' procedure to determine the most prudent asset allocation a client can adopt and still achieve their lifestyle goals

  3. A rigorous regular review process for each client's investments.

Ross's clients value him as a well-credentialed, trusted adviser who has a lifetime commitment to his clients' financial well-being.

Ross presents regular educational seminars on a variety of financial planning topics as part of our Money Insights® series.

Devenny & Paynne
Devenny & Paynne Devenny & Paynne Devenny & Paynne


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